Company Profile

R & T Furniture has charted this course for over 30 years, buying from around the world from over 40 factories and stocking it all in one location. We offer every product category available with the widest selection... all in stock and under one roof.

Our Source 1 Import Products have been selected from proven, reliable factories overseas, capable of delivering quality products on time and at the best price possible.

We also supply North American products from some of the largest brand names like Ashley, Sauder, American, United, Dynamic and many more.

Through the buying power of our more than 800 retail customers, as well as R & T's affiliation with the International

Furniture Suppliers Association & the Associated Furniture Distributors group, we have negotiated special volume discounts on every product we sell.

Our volume currency trades have locked in the lowest exchange rates in over 20 years. Plus our volume freight discounts all combine to give you the lowest possible cost. As well, R & T continues to offer service on the entire product line we sell... domestic or imported, taking the risk and hassle out of your purchasing decisions.

Choose your suppliers carefully and evaluate all the costs and we know you'll choose R & T Furniture as your furniture source.